Maui Pet Photography

Photographer on Maui provides Maui pet photography services for pet owners here on the Valley Isle. We have professional pet handlers to help display pets properly for our photographers, and we offer affordable rates discounted heavily compared to most other Maui photography companies. We offer better rates for multiple pet, and we have many places to fulfill pet photography.  We have taken pictures of hundreds of pets, so don’t hesitate to scroll down to check our work with some Maui dogs.  We provide not just great pictures but an individual approach to each our client, we know what’s best for dogs. We also take pictures of horses, cats, and even pet fish.  Have a pet not commonly found? No problem, we love animals and would be excited to photograph your out of this world pet.

Quality Maui Pet Photography

We love to provide you with the highest quality photographs money can buy. Photographer on Maui offers photo packages for pets at very fair prices for the quality services we provide. We will go to great lengths to satisfy pets and their owners on their photo-shoots, and our Maui Pet Photography is crisp and edited by professionals with thousands of hours of experience.

Click on the pictures below to see the quality of our photographs! Don’t forget to zoom in, check out the details. Each animal is photographed with care and respect from photography experts in the field.


"Regal" by Kevin Hoffman

“Regal” picture of dog Halo by Kevin Hoffman, Maui Pet Photographer


“Calmness” photograph of dog Lupa by Maui Photographer Kevin Hoffman

"Shy" by Kevin Hoffman

“Shy” dog photograph of Dante by Maui Photographer Kevin Hoffman

"Deep" by Kevin Hoffman

“Deep” photograph of dog Hamoa by Maui photographer Kevin Hoffman

"Dog Love" by Kevin Hoffman

“Dog Love” of Tiki and Tess by Maui Pet Photographer Kevin Hoffman