Exploring the Road to Hana

Our friends have returned to Maui, and we decided to show them a good time exploring the Road to Hana.  We wanted to really check out some things we had never seen before along the Road to Hana, and we found some epic scenes.  We found beautiful orchids, incredible Maui canyons, and coincidence worthy of a fireside tale.  In one trip to Hana, we have once again buried our pasts and improved the present by letting ourselves be taken in by the phenomenal wilderness.

"Hawaii Orchid" Spider Orchid

“Hawaii Orchid” by Maui Photographer Kevin Hoffman

"Toes in Black Sand"

“Toes in Black Sand” by Maui Photographer Laura Maltagliati

"Black Sand Beach" by Kevin Hoffman

“Black Sand Beach” Maui Hawaii by Kevin Hoffman, Maui Photographer

"Hand Bee" by Kevin Hoffman

“Hana Bee” photographed in Hana by Kevin Hoffman

"Purple Orchid"

“Purple Orchid” on Maui, Hawaii by photographer Kevin Hoffman

"Canyon" on Maui

“Canyon” on Maui by Photographer Kevin Hoffman

After our long trip around the Road to Hana, we finally arrived home in Kihei, and were greeted with this beautiful sunset.

"Painted On" Maui Sunset

“Painted On” Maui Sunset by Maui Photographer Kevin Hoffman