Macro Droplet Photography

I’ve always wanted to take some droplet photography of some of the amazing plant life here on Maui, and I finally had my chance while camping in Haleakala Crater. We decided to hike Switchbacks trail at Haleakala National Park down to Holua Cabin this week, and even though the hike down was quite wet, the next morning provided me with an excellent opportunity to take macro droplet photography on many plants and flowers. Since Haleakala is in the clouds, it is not a rare opportunity to have dew on flowers, but I felt fortunate to have droplets in this density. I am really excited about some of the photographs that I took, and I hope that you like them as well.

Holua Cabin is an excellent cabin to stay in if you want to take a short 8 mile round trip hike in to Haleakala Crater, and still get to see things you can’t see from the road, like these flowers.  Holua has to be booked months in advance (as with most cabins in Haleakala Crater).  Holua is 1 mile away from Silver Swords in a natural environment, and all of the flowers shown here are within reach.  Bear in mind that the weather can change at any moment in Haleakala National Park, so be sure to come prepared.  The temperature can get down to 30F and rainy (which my hike in was), so come prepared.  There are some supplies in the cabins, and a stove to cook and warm yourself.  Reservations can be made at Haleakala National Park website:

"Flower Droplets"

“Flower Droplets” by Maui Photographer Kevin Hoffman in Haleakala National Park

"Droplets in the Web" photo by Kevin Hoffman

“Droplets in the Web” by Maui Photographer Kevin Hoffman in Haleakala National Park

"Haleakala Dew" in Haleakala National Park

“Haleakala Dew” by Maui Photographer Kevin Hoffman

Fragrant Evening Primrose

“Droplets on Fragrant Evening Primrose” by Maui Photographer Kevin Hoffman of a Fragrant Evening Primrose