Hana Photography

We went on an amazing trip to Hana this week, and had an incredible time just riding around. I took quite a few pictures with the GoPro HERO4, and also some pics with a Sony NEX-7. I wanted to try out the GoPro to see how good pics were with the bubble lens, make your own judgement! Taking Hana photography is as simple as it is challenging. To get equipment around in the rain to make it to the rainbows is always the hardest part. Waiting for the sun in Hana…

I also got to take some awesome shots with my Sony NEX-7, prior to slipping down a waterfall with it. We were so fortunate to see such a beautiful rainbow in a Kipahulu waterfall, getting us this excellent piece of Hana Photography below. Also below is a picture of cows that I love. I think it says so much with such simple models.