Makena Wedding ~ Courtney and Dillon

What a beautiful Makena wedding with our good friends Courtney and Dillon. Energy filled the air as these two, with their baby by their side, got married with Makena’s waves crashing in the background. The sun was sinking in the sky when two families joined together in the park to watch Courtney and Dillon say their vows. Our pair had an ukulele and harp playing floating melodies in the evening air as a beautiful reception came together nearby. We were able to sneak off and get some pictures at Makena Beach as the sun sank into the hills.

Makena Wedding

Wedding picture at sunset Makena.

Wedding on Maui

Beautiful Maui Wedding at Makena with Courtney and Dillon

We had a fantastic time filming and doing photography for this Makena wedding with Courtney and Dillon, and we would do it again in a heartbeat. I know the three of you will be a boulder in a river full of pebbles.