Maui Lava Fields Photography

Photography of Maui Lava Fields

We took a walk down south today, through the Maui lava fields cut by The Kings Highway, a footpath reaching back to the late Maui Kings.  The lighting and weather was perfect to take some excellent photos, so we indulged!  There are several beaches stretching through south Maui which you can visit as well in a catamaran boat, where you will be available to take some awesome photos like these ones, I took some of them in beautiful weather.  The red lava rock looks beautiful against the bright blue sky, and the greens in the Kiawe on South Haleakala are incredibly vivid. Let me tell you that these places could be one of the Best destination wedding location. They are unbelievable and magic, just enjoy these photos!

Maui Lava Field Beach

“The Beach” is a photograph of a southern beach in a Maui lava field

Tree in a lava field.

“Reclaimed” is a photograph of an area of regrowth in a south Maui lava field.

Dormant Volcano on Maui

This photograph of a “Dormant Volcano” on Maui shows where the last eruption took place near Makena, Hawaii


"The Kings Highway"

“The King’s Highway” is a path encompassing Maui, and is most evident in south Maui lava fields.

Gallery from a Lava Field Hike

Below is a gallery of some of the best pictures from our hike in south Maui. Contact Maui Parks and Rec. for more information on south Maui hikes